Monday, 8 May 2017

The Sunday Times Rich List 2017

Yesterday the Sunday Times rich list was released. I have made one of my own that lists all the Royalty, Princes and Princess, Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, Barons and Baronesses, Baronets, Dames, Knights and Ladys within the Sunday Times rich list for 2017.

  1. The Duke of Westminster and The Grosvenor Family £9520m
  2. Sir James Dyson and Family £7800m
  3. Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay £7200m
  4. Earl Cadogan and Family £6500m
  5. Sir Richard Branson and Family £4865m
  6. Alejandro Santo Domingo and Lady Charlotte Wellesley £3862m
  7. Baroness Howard de Walden and Family £3730m
  8. Lord Bamford and Family £3300m
  9. Sir Henry Keswick and Family £3260m
  10. Sir Anwar Pervez and Family £2950m
  11. Sir Philip and Lady Green £2787m
  12. Sir Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman £2629m
  13. Viscount Portman and Family £2003m
  14. Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and Family £1950m
  15. Douglas and Dame Mary Perkins and Family £1600m
  16. Sir Ian Wood and Family £1600m
  17. Robert Miller and Princess Marie-Chantal £1580m
  18. Lady Ballyedmond and Family £1420m
  19. Lord Ashcroft £1350m
  20. Sir Michael Hintze £1280m
  21. Lord Sugar £1250m
  22. Lord Grantchester and The Moores Family £1202m
  23. Sir Cameron Mackintosh £1180m
  24. Sir Terry Matthews £1170m
  25. Lord Kirkham and Family £1150m
  26. Lord Edmiston £1020m
  27. Sir Charles Dunstone £946m
  28. Viscount Rothermere and Family £930m
  29. Sir Brian Souter and Ann Gloag £920m
  30. Sir Roger and Peter de Haan £895m
  31. The Earl of Iveagh and The Guinness Family 890m
  32. The Duke of Devonshire £880m
  33. Sir Chris Hohn £820m
  34. Sir Donald Gordon and Family £800m
  35. Lord Laidlaw £795m
  36. Sir Paul McMcartney and Nancy Chevell £780m
  37. Prince Jonathan and Princess Gesine Doria Pamphilj £750m
  38. Lord Lloyd-Webber £740m
  39. Sir David McMurtry £738m
  40. Lord Rothschild £735m
  41. Lord Vestey and Family £727m
  42. The Duke of Bedford £707m
  43. Sir Peter Wood £693m
  44. Sir Evelyn and Lady de Rothschild £675m
  45. Lord Paul and Family £660m
  46. Sir Peter Rigby £600m
  47. The Duke of Sutherland £580m
  48. Sir Tom Hunter £576m
  49. Sir David Samworth and Family £575m
  50. Lord Alliance and Family £560m
  51. Lord Sainsbury of Turville and Family £560m
  52. Sir Jack Petchey £550m
  53. Sir Paul Marshall and Ian Wace £505m
  54. Sir David and Lady Tang and Family £500m
  55. Sir Martin Sorrell £495m
  56. Sir Ronald Hobson £470m
  57. Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones £467m
  58. Sir Donald Gosling £421m
  59. The Duke of Northumberland £370m
  60. Her Majesty The Queen £360m
  61. Sir Michael and Dermot Smurfit and Family £359m
  62. Sir Martyn Arbib and Family £350m
  63. Sir Peter Ogden £350m
  64. Lord Palumbo of Southwark £350m
  65. Dame Margaret and Helen Barbour and Family £345m
  66. Sir Rocco Forte and Olga and Family £340m
  67. The Marquess of Salisbury £335m
  68. Lord and Apurv Bagri £334m
  69. Sir John and Peter Beckwith £302m
  70. Sir Harry Djanogly and Family £300m
  71. Lord Heseltine and Family £300m
  72. Sir Paul Ruddock £300m
  73. Sir Elton John £290m
  74. Zac and Lady Annabel Goldsmith and Family £282m
  75. Sir Paul and Lady Smith £272m
  76. Sir Michael Bibby and Family £270m
  77. Sir Angus Grossart and Family £270m
  78. Lord Iliffe and Family £270m
  79. Lord Haughey and Family £265m
  80. Sir Mick Jagger £250m
  81. Sir Stanley and Peter Thomas £240m
  82. Viscount Cowdray and the Pearson Family £238m
  83. Sir Michael Marshall and Family £230m
  84. Sir John Ritblat and Family £224m
  85. Viscount Astor and Family £223m
  86. Sir Ronald Cohen and Sharon Harel £220m
  87. Lord Alli £218m
  88. Sir Richard Sutton and Family £216m
  89. The Marquess of Bath £215m
  90. The Duke of Buccleuch and Family £213m
  91. Sir Philip Hulme £210m
  92. The Duke of Richmond and Gordon and Family £210m
  93. Sir Colin Giltrap £205m
  94. Sir Peter Harrison and Family £205m
  95. Sir Chris Evans £200m
  96. Lord Glendonbrook £200m
  97. The Duke of Marlborough £188m
  98. Sir Euan Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe Bt and Family £178m
  99. Sir Peter Vardy and Family £177m
  100. Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland Bt £176m
  101. Lord Foster of Thames Bank £170m
  102. Sir Rod Stewart £170m
  103. Sir John Mactaggart and Family £165m
  104. Lord Verjee £165m
  105. Sir Martin Laing and Family £162m
  106. Lord Fink £160m
  107. Sir Tom Jones £160m
  108. Sir Keith Mills £160m
  109. Sir Jonathan Ive £157m
  110. Sir Robert Ogden £154m
  111. Sir Tim Rice £152m
  112. The Duke of Beaufort £150m
  113. Sir Peter Michael £150m
  114. Sir David Murray and Family £150m
  115. Sir Clive Cowdery £147m
  116. The Earl of Pembroke £147m
  117. Lord Archer £146m
  118. Lord and Charles Saatchi £145m
  119. Sir Henry Angest £141m
  120. Lord Farmer £140m
  121. The Duke of Rutland £140m
  122. Sir Mike Uren £140m
  123. Sir Rod Aldridge £135m
  124. Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith and Family £135m
  125. Sir Anish Kapoor £134m
  126. Sir John Campbell and Family £128m
  127. Sir Alan Parker £128m
  128. Sir Tom Farmer £127m
  129. Sir Damon Buffini £126m
  130. The Marquess of Bute £126m
  131. Sir George Meyrick £126m
  132. The Duke of Roxburghe £125m
  133. Earl Spencer £125m
  134. Lord Dulverton £120m
  135. The Earl of Rosebery £120m
  136. The Earl of Stockton and the Macmillian Family £120m
  137. Lord Lupton £118m
  138. Lord Harris and Family £110m
  139. The Marquess of Northampton £110m
  140. Sir Simon Robertson £110m
  141. Sir Ray Tindle £110m
  142. Sir Andy Murray £77m

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