Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Zara Tindall is expecting her second baby

The Queen’s granddaughter Mrs Zara Tindall MBE and her husband Mr Mike Tindall MBE have announced expecting their second child in the spring of 2017.

Buckingham Palace has said Her Majesty and the rest of the royal family are delighted with the news.

The baby will be Her Majesty the Queen’s and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh’s sixth great-grandchild.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

New Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Suffolk

Clare, Countess of Euston, Lord-Lieutenant of Suffolk commissioned the following to become Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Suffolk.

Mrs Claire Hamilton Horsley
Mrs Gulshanbir Kaur Kayembe
Mr Stephen Philip Miles
Mr Mark Pendlington
Ms Kirsten Elisabet Rausing
Mrs Judith Veronica Shallow

New Member of the United Kingdom Privy Council

Her Majesty the Queen approved the following person member of Her Majesty’s most Honourable Privy Council.

The Hon. Sir Launcelot Dinadan James Henderson

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Nominations for High Sheriffs of England and Wales for 2017, 2018 and 2019

On the 12th of November 2016 the following people were nominated as High Sheriff for the Counties of England and Wales for 2017, 2018 and 2019 with the exception of Cornwall, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire who are appointed by the Dukes of Cornwall and Lancaster.


For the County of Bedfordshire

2017/2018: Mr Vinod Bhagwandas Tailor
2018/2019: Mr Arthur Julian George Polhill
2019/2020: Mrs Cora Meryl Dolling

For the Royal County of Berkshire

2017/2018: Mrs Sarah Patricia Scrope
2018/2019: Mr Graham Eric Barker
2019/2020: Mrs Lucy Violet Zeal

For the County of Buckinghamshire

2017/2018: Mr Peter Bhupatsing Kara
2018/2019: Professor Ruth Sarah Farwell CBE
2019/2020: Mrs Julia Anne Upton

For the County of Cambridgeshire

2017/2018: Mr Richard Francis Antony Pemberton
2018/2019: Dr Andrew Charles Harter
2019/2020: His Honour Neil Alastair McKittrick

For the County of Cheshire

2017/2018: Mrs Sarah Alexandra Mary Callander Beckett
2018/2019: Mrs Alexis Jane Redmond MBE
2019/2020: Mr Mark Steven Mitchell

For the City of Bristol

2017/2018: Mr Anthony Roger Ernest Brown
2018/2019: Mr Roger Gordon Opie
2019/2020: Mr Charles John Calcraft Wyld

For the County of Cumbria

2017/2018: Mr Alistair George Milne Wannop
2018/2019: Mr Simon Frederick Michael Berry
2019/2020: Ms Marcia Elaine Reid Fotheringham

For the County of Derbyshire

2017/2018: Mrs Anne Hazel Hall
2018/2019: Mrs Lucy Belinda Palmer
2019/2020: William Cavendish, Earl of Burlington

For the County of Devon

2017/2018: Mrs Heleen Vanda Mary Willson Lindsay-Fynn
2018/2019: Mrs Grania Tiffany Phillips
2019/2020: Captain Simon Charles Martin LVO OBE RN

For the County of Dorset

2017/2018: Mr Simon John Young MC
2018/2019: Mrs Jacqueline Anne Swift
2019/2020: Mr Philip Henry Warr

For the County of Durham

2017/2018: Mrs Caroline Patricia Peacock
2018/2019: Dr Stephen Michael Cronin
2019/2020: Mr Peter Haswell Candler

For the County of East Riding of Yorkshire

2017/2018: Mrs Gillian Elizabeth Drewry
2018/2019: Mrs Deborah Jane Rosenberg
2019/2020: Mr Martin Charles Sheridan Hall

For the County of East Sussex

2017/2018: Mrs Maureen Jane Chowen
2018/2019: Major General John David Moore-Bick CBE
2019/2020: Mrs Violet Ltubica Hancock

For the County of Essex
2017/2018: Mr Simon Andrew Dalton Hall MBE
2018/2019: Mr Bryan Robert Hardy Burrough
2019/2020: Dr Francis James Archibald Bettley

For the County of Gloucestershire

2017/2018: Lieutenant Colonel Andrew James Tabor
2018/2019: Mr Charles Martell
2019/2020: Mr Robert Charles Grantley Berkeley

For Greater London

2017/2018: Mr William James Furber
2018/2019: Mr Charles Alexander Evan Spicer
2019/2020: Mr Iqbal Wahhab OBE

For the County of Hampshire

2017/2018: The Hon. Mrs Mary Rachel Montagu-Scott
2018/2019: Mr Mark Edward Thistlethwayte
2019/2020: Mrs Catherine Sarah Le May

For the County of Herefordshire

2017/2018: The Reverend Lady Lisvane
2018/2019: Mr Thomas Nathaniel Hone
2019/2020: Mr James Felton Somers Hervey-Bathhurst CBE

For the County of Hertfordshire

2017/2018: Mr William Arthur Hobhouse
2018/2019: Mrs Suzana Rose Harvey
2019/2020: Mrs Sarah Margaret Beazley

For the County of Isle of Wight

2017/2018: Mr Benedict Malcolm Anthony Sebastian Rouse
2018/2019: Dr Nicholas John England
2019/2020: Mr Geoffrey Paul Underwood

For the County of Kent

2017/2018: Mr George Elphinstone Jessel
2018/2019: Mrs Susan Jane Ashton
2019/2020: Mr Paul Jonathan Barrett

For the County of Leicestershire

2017/2018: Mr Timothy Paul Maxted
2018/2019: Mrs Diana Thompson, Branston
2019/2020: Mr Timothy Rowland Hercock

For the County of Lincolnshire

2017/2018: Mr Andrew Simon Clark
2018/2019: Mr Ian Harrup Walter
2019/2020: Mr Robert William Day

For the County of Norfolk
2017/2018: Mr Alfred James Stephen Bagge
2018/2019: Mr Charles Jonathon Watt
2019/2020: Lady Agnew, East Somerton

For the County of Northamptonshire

2017/2018: Mr Rupert Patrick Fordham
2018/2019: Mr James Saunders Watson
2019/2020: Mr Nicholas Antony Norman Stuart Robertson

For the County of Northumberland

2017/2018: Mr John Robert Dickinson
2018/2019: Mr Michael William Orde
2019/2020: The Lady Joicey

For the County of North Yorkshire

2017/2018: Mr Simon Murrough Wrightson
2018/2019: Mr Christopher John Charles Legard
2019/2020: Mrs Linda Lee Fenwick

For the County of Nottinghamshire
2017/2018: Colonel David Rupert Sneath TD
2018/2019: Mr Nicholas Richard Brian Ebbs
2019/2020: His Honour Jonathan James Teare

For the County of Oxfordshire

2017/2018: Miss Jane Elizabeth Cranston
2018/2019: Richard Venables Esq
2019/2020: Lady Jay of Ewelme CBE

For the County of Rutland

2017/2018: Mr Craig Lancelot Mitchell
2018/2019: Mrs Margaret Susan Jarron
2019/2020: Mrs Margaret Allan Miles

For the County of Shropshire

2017/2018: Mr Charles Edward Lillis
2018/2019: Mr Rhoderick Martin Swire
2019/2020: Mr Jeremy John Dixey

For the County of Somerset

2017/2018: Mr Richard Saladin Hickmet
2018/2019: Mr Denis Andrew Southerden Burn
2019/2020: Mr Jonathan Alexander Newton Halliday

For the County of South Yorkshire

2017/2018: Mr David Grey MBE
2018/2019: Mr Stephen Ingram
2019/2020: Mr Barry Reginald Eldred

For the County of Staffordshire

2017/2018: Mr Humphrey David Sneyd Scott-Moncrieff
2018/2019: Mrs Philippa Jane Gee
2019/2020: Mr Ashley Edward Brough

For the County of Suffolk

2017/2018: Mr Geoffrey Thomas Carwardine Probert
2018/2019: Mr George Moubray William Vestey
2019/2020: Mrs Rosalind Thrale Eminson

For the County of Surrey

2017/2018: Mr Robert Stewart Napier CBE
2018/2019: Mr Nicholas James Shore Wood-Dow
2019/2020: Mr William James Glover

For the County of Tyne and Wear

2017/2018: Lieutenant General Robin Vaughan Brims (Rtd) CB CBE DSO
2018/2019: Mr Paul Michael Callaghan CBE
2019/2020: Mrs Catherine Lorna Moran OBE

For the County of Warwickshire

2017/2018: Mark Edward Trehearne Davies
2018/2019: Mrs Clare Anna Insull Sawdon
2019/2020: Simon James Victor Miesegaes

For the County of West Midlands
2017/2018: Mr John Lewis Hudson OBE
2018/2019: Mr Christopher Thomas Loughran
2019/2020: Mr Michael Kuo

For the County of West Sussex
2017/2018: The Lady Emma Lavinia Barnard
2018/2019: Mrs Caroline Nicholls
2019/2020: Mrs Davina Irwin-Clark

For the County of West Yorkshire

2017/2018: Dr Terence George Bramall CBE
2018/2019: Mr Charles Richard Jackson MBE
2019/2020: Mr Paul David Lawrence

For the County of Wiltshire

2017/2018: The Lady Marland
2018/2019: Mrs Nicola Alberry
2019/2020: Mr David Bedingfeld Scott

For the County of Worcestershire

2017/2018: Mr Stephen Alexander Betts
2018/2019: Mr Cassian Blaise Luke Lechmere Roberts
2019/2020: Mr Edward Walter Pope Holloway


For the County of Clwyd
2017/2018: Mrs Charlotte Henrietta Gaylyn Howard
2018/2019: Lady Hanmer
2019/2020: Mrs Stephanie Lynne Catherall

For the County of Dyfed

2017/2018: Mrs Susan Carol Balsom
2018/2019: Mr Stephen Mansel Davies
2019/2020: Mrs Anne Helena Jane Lewis

For the County of Gwent

2017/2018: Mr John Kevin Lynn Thomas
2018/2019: Mrs Sharon Evelyn Lesley Linnard
2019/2020: Mrs Claire Elizabeth Clancy

For the County of Gwynedd

2017/2018: Professor Sian Hope OBE
2018/2019: Mrs Kathryn Kerena Griffiths Ellis
2019/2020: Mrs Susan Moules Jones

For the County of Mid Glamorgan

2017/2018: Mr David John Davies
2018/2019: Mr Jonathan Hugh Wall
2019/2020: Colonel Wilma Christina Jean Donnelly (Rtd) CBE TD

For the County of Powys
2017/2018: Mrs Susan Elizabeth Thompson
2018/2019: Mr David Rowland Price
2019/2020: Mr David Lloyd Peate

For the County of South Glamorgan

2017/2018: Mr Gilbert Campbell Lloyd
2018/2019: Mr Brian Charles Lakin
2019/2020: Dr Isabel Mary Graham

For the County of West Glamorgan

2017/2018: Mrs Roberta Louise Fleet
2018/2019: Mr Henry Michael Gilbert
2019/2020: Ms Sally Ruth Goldstone

Monday, 14 November 2016

New Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire

Dr Ingrid M Roscoe BA PhD FSA, Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire has commissioned the following person to become a Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire.

Mr Kevin Arthur Sharp

CVO for Captain for Her Majesty’s Helicopter Flight

Mr Nicholas Altham Kidd LVO has been appointed Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO) for his service as Training Captain and Aircraft Captain for Her Majesty’s Helicopter Flight.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

New Deputy Lieutenants of Shropshire

Sir Algernon Heber-Percy KCVO, Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire has commissioned the following people to become Deputy Lieutenants of Shropshire.

Major General John Crackett CB TD
Mrs Nicola Marcia Kershaw
Lieutenant Colonel Ian James Sawers
Mr David Stacey
Mrs Jennifer Beatrice Wynn

New Deputy Lieutenant of County Antrim

Joan Christie OBE, Lord-Lieutenant of County Antrim has commissioned the following person to become a Deputy Lieutenant of County Antrim.

Dr Stephen Peter Fitzgerald CBE

New Deputy Lieutenants of Lancashire

The Rt Hon. The Lord Shuttleworth KG KCVO, Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire has commissioned the following people to become Deputy Lieutenants of Lancashire.

Mr Anthony Attard OBE
Mr Steven Jackson OBE
Dr Janet Lavelle
Mrs Amanda Parker JP
Lt Col Rosemary Stone

New Member of the United Kingdom Privy Council

Her Majesty the Queen approved the following person member of Her Majesty’s most Honourable Privy Council.

Mr Nicolas Gibb MP

Friday, 4 November 2016

Honorary GCB for the President of the Republic of Colombia

Her Majesty the Queen has presented Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic of Colombia with an honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Civil Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (GCB).

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

New Vice Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire

Andrew J Coombe, Lord-Lieutenant for South Yorkshire has appointed the following person to the position of Vice Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire.

Mr John Raymond Holt DL